Major Updates

03/16/19: Big Island, Hawaii. Living on top of a live volcanoe! See a river of lava meet the Pacific.


09/03/18: Trans America Part VI: Back to the West. The climax and the close, after 23 days, 7,822.3 miles, 20 states and 8 national parks.


07/21/18: Trans America Part V: Texas. The Atlantic Ocean and the Deep South.


01/01/18: Trans America Part IV: The South-02. The Atlantic Ocean and the Deep South.


10/11/17: Trans America Part III: The South-01. The world's longest cave system in Kentucky and the country's most popular National Park in Tennessee.


08/23/17: Trans America Part II: The Rocky and the Central. The journey continues -- Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri.


06/18/17: Trans America Part I: the west. The first installment of my 7822-mile coast-to-coast round trip in the summer of 2016. Nevada and Utah.


03/11/17: Taiwan 2016 Part I and Part II. An incidental trip exploring the inner beauty of the island.


11/26/16: The golden coast of California, from San Francisco Bay Area to San Diego.


09/04/16: Yucatan Peninsula in winter of 2015. Part I: Xcaret the eco-archaelogical park; Par II: the Mayan experience - cultural exploration.


05/23/16: Washington DC. Part I: the heart of the nation; Part II: the attic of the nation.


11/02/15: New York, New York. Part I: around the town; Part II: the cultural scene.


07/05/15: Updated California Wildlif I (birds) and II (everything else except birds) with pictures from the last 2 years. A total of 51 new species and 204 new images.


03/06/13: Another baby boy, Yihua, joined our party!


02/20/13: Ohau. The most popular Hawaiian island, with usual Hawaiian basking weather, natural beauty, plus a delightful dose of metropolitant sophistication and plenty of historic and cultural diversions.

Highlight of Oahu


07/28/12: Hong Kong. The Pearl of the Orient, the captical of skyscrappers, with the highest population density in the world.

Highlight of Hong Kong 2011


05/25/12: Long overdued accout of the Death Valley trip in the winter of 2010. Viewing the inhospitable desert valley in a new light.

Highlight of Death Valley


08/02/11: Fujian 2010. Visited the City of Quan Zhou, once the largest seaport in the Orient, and Xia Men, one of the most livable Chinese cities.

Highlight of Fujian 2010


11/06/10: Yichi turning two years old! This shall be the last post, we decided, that documents our two year runs of hetic, bewildering, life-changing adventure of raising an incredibly sweet and adorable little monster.


06/05/10: Revision and more pix on Fujian.


04/21/10: Yichi turn a year and a half.


01/09/10: Yichi's 15 months old.


01/01/10: Time sure flies. Here goes another fruitful year. Got some old pix from Idaho, added to the collection just for the sake of documenting "we've been there."


11/02/09: Added over 60 images (mostly birds) to the California Wildlife I page. All images except birds are separated into California Wildlife II to keep each page at reasonable length.


10/14/09: Yichi's first birthday! It's amazing what we've been through this year.


10/04/09: New pix on Seattle, Olympic Nationa l Park, and Mt. Rainier National Park. From the rainy city to glacier-capped mountains, to dense temperate rain forests, to the rugged yet gorgeous Pacific coast. Yichi (and his parents, for that matter) survived his first long trip!

Highlight of Seattle, Olympic National Park, and Mt. Rainer


08/22/09: Attention please! Yichi is on Twitter! Go to the Yichi page, roll to the bottom, and check it out.


08/16/09: New photos on Taiwan, mostly on Central Taiwan (Taiwan III). Pages Taiwan I - City of Taipei, Taiwan II - Northern Taiwan were also updated.

Highlight of Central Taiwan


07/16/09: Yichi is 9 months old.


04/25/09: Updated the Northern California and Redwood National Park page, with more pix from the last 3 years.


04/12/09: Modified the San Francisco Bay Area page, with more pix from the last 5 years added.


04/11/09: Yichi turning half a year old!


02/22/09: Two new pages on Monterey Bay. Basically catalog the pictures I took in Monterey Bay Aquarium and Point Lobos State Park in the last 4 years. Monterey Bay I covers animals reside near the shore; Monterey Bay II covers lives deeper into the ocean, including the world's only Great White Shark in captivity. You can find all exhibits and most animal species in the aquarium in the last 4 years in these two pages.


01/12/09: More pix of little Yichi, up to three-month-old.


11/23/08: Our summer trip to Maui, Hawaii. Maui I take us around the island, through the dense tropic rain forest and to the summit of a tall active volcano (Haleakala); in Maui II we dive into the Pacific Ocean to explore the riveting shallow water world near the island and swim with 600 species of colorful fishes.

Highlight of Maui, Hawaii


10/16/08: Proudly introducing Yichi the baby boy, a new member of the club!


08/21/08: Victoria. Melbourn the 2nd largest city, Great Otway Forest, and the world-famous Great Ocean Road.


08/05/08: South Australia, along the Limestone Coast. Kangaroo Island I has some of the nicest beaches we've ever been to. Wildlife in Kangaroo Isand II is not just about kangaroo, but a rich, isolated ecosystem.


07/08/08: Sydney I and Sydney II. One of those rare cities that you'll never get tired of staying. Here's the prettiest harbor in the world, I think.


05/14/08: Australia. A trip we took during Christmas of 2007. The land down under is incredibly empty and can be quite rough at times. But who who would complain when you just walked out of the oldest rainforest in the world (Daintree Forest I and Daintree Forest II), and then dive into the coral sea to visit largest, most riveting structure ever built by living things (the Great Barrier Reef)? Plus there is a huge, lonesome rock that changes color with the sun (the Uluru). More pix coming.


03/01/08: More on Utah, the red rock state. The all mighty Canyonland National Park (my favorite of the trip), Capitol Reef National Park, and Utah Scenic Byway 12 and 24. Such gorgeous landscapes so densely packed in one single state.

Highlight of Utah


02/17/08: Finally some pix of our Thanksgiving trip (2007) to Utah. Visited five national parks and drove through many miles of scenic byways. Three national parks are ready: Arches, Bryce Canyon, and Zion. More on the way.


07/28/07: Revised the California Wildlife page. Added some 50 pix.


06/30/07: Lassen Volcanic National Park. A live volcano last erupted in 1914-1921.


06/18/07: Taiwan I and II. It's Chinese, but it's kind of an independent country... A long story, but to be politically correct I place it in the China page. Taiwan I is on Taipei, the largest city in Taiwan; Taiwan II is on Norther Taiwan. (note: updated 08/16/09).

Highlight of Taiwan


04/19/07: Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. The biggest thing, in the world.


04/08/07: Highway 1 along the California Pacific coast and Channel Islands National Park.


04/01/07: Created a Yosemite page with pix taken in the last 2 years. Ever seen a Moonbow? It's rainbow cast by moonlight.


03/31/07: Added the Miscellaneous page, with some of Qing's origami works and more. Also added a Search Engine powered by Google.


03/24/07: Yucatan Peninsula I and II of Mexico. Search for Maya's lost cities and dip into the crystal-clear, turquoise Caribbean.

Highlight of Mexico


03/04/07: Our Mexico trip last Thanksgiving. Mexico City I and II is ready. This is the perfect place to learn about pre-colonial Mesoamerica.


01/12/07: The United Kingdom. A long stopover for the African trip. Mostly around London (Part I, Part II, and Outskirt), where we were caught into the celebration of the Queen's 80th birthday.

Highlight of London


12/27/06: Zimbabwe. A country in serious trouble. But they've got the most part of the Victoria Fall.


12/20/06: Zambia. Not exactly a tourist-friendly country, but the Victoria Fall made anything worthwhile.


12/11/06: More Africa. Kenya, a relatively wealthy East African country, reminded me of the earlier days in China when market economy was just introduced. In Lake Nakuru we were facinated by millions of flaring pink flamingoes flocking the lakeshore; in Lake Baringo we watched a magnificent African Fish Eagle to prey.


11/18/06: Africa! Finally finished the 1st batch of African trip pix taken in the July trip, all taken in Tanzania. In Serengeti National Park (Part I and Part II), we fullfilled our childhood dream of visiting the boundless savanna; in Ngorongoro National Park (Part I and Part II), we visited an enormous crater filled with wildlife and breath-taking scenery; Lake Manyara and Tarangire are two National Parks there are less-visited and generally underrated. But you see, they're just as exciting.

Highlight of East Africa


05/20/06: Our graduation! Now we're "Doctors of Philosophy," how cool. "Sonny's Home" is upgraded.


04/27/06: More water fowl pix in the California wildlife page.


01/09/06: Spent the winter break in the warm and sunny Florida: the Everglades, the Florida Keys, Mexico Gulf, Miami, and the Biscayne.

Highlights of Florida


08/14/05: Sonny's trip to Japan. Visited the Kansai area, including Awaji Island and Kobe, Kyoto, and Osaka.


07/15/05: Updated the California wildlife page with lots of waterfowl pix.


07/03/05: Alaska! Denali National Park, Kenai Peninsula, Alaskan Marine Highway, and Wrangell-St. Elias Mountain area. This is the trip of a lifetime!

Highlights of Alaska


05/19/05: Added our California wildlife collection and updated wild flowers.


04/17/05: Check out our California wild flowers collection.


02/07/05: Napa the wine country.


01/15/05: Grand Canyon. Sharp contrast between a sunny day and a snow storm.


01/11/05: Las Vegas. Seven sins, lots of casinos.


01/06/05: Inland Area, New pictures from our winter trip, including Yosemite, Death Valley, and Joshua Tree National Park. More coming.

Highlights of the Inland Area and Yosemite


12/05/04: LA Arboretum, or "the Garden of Peacocks." Lots of close-ups. Love the new camera!


10/18/04: Sonny got a Sony DSC-F828 camera for passing the qualifying exam. Check out the new pix of San Francisco and "the color of fall."


07/07/04: Pix of the San Diego Wild Animal Park, close encounter with beautiful giraffes and rhinos! Plus pix of the Huntington Library.


06/11/04: New pix of Grand Teton National Park, Mt. Rainier National Park, and Portland and Oregon Coastline, also pix of Lake Tahoe.


06/09/04: New pictures of Yellowstone National Park. It's the best place we've ever been to! (until our Alaskan trip : )

Highlight of Yellowstone National Park


03/24/04: Pictures of Sacramento added.


02/08/04: Pictures of Boston added.


08/23/03: Sonny's Homepage grand opening.

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