The United States 2 (I -W)

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Contary to popular belief, it has more than just potatoes
Added 12/31/09.




A walkable east coast city.

Added 02/08/04.


The state of gaming. Seven sins, lots of casinos.
Added 01/11/05.



New York

New York I.
Around the town.
Added 11/02/15.


New York II.
Proof that you can be refine and genteel as American.
Added 11/02/15.


Crater Lake National Park.
Oh, that breath-taking deep
blue in a sunny morning.
Updated 10/28/04.


Portland Area and Oregon Coast.
World famous scenic drives
Added 06/11/04.


Arches National Park
Over 2,000 natural sandstone arches
Added 02/17/08.


Bryce Canyon National Park
Vast forests of huge rock pillars known as Hoodoos
Added 02/06/08.

Canyonland National Park
An Island in the Sky, overlooking a dreamy landscape.

Added 02/19/08.


Capitol Reef National Park
A 65-million-year-old colorful ridge
Added 02/23/08.

Scenic Highway 12 and 24
Driving in Utah is never boring.

Added 02/29/08.


Zion National Park
A valley carved out of red Navajo Sandstone
Added 02/02/08.


City of rain, Rock and Roll, and many other things.
Added 10/04/09.


Olympic National Park
Majestic ountains, dense rain forests, and gorgeous Pacific coastline.
Added 10/04/09.

Mt. Rainier National Park
An active volcano covered by snow and ice.
Updated 10/04/09.

Washington D. C.

Washington DC I
The grand scheme of the political center of the planet.
Added 11/21/15.


Washington DC II
The nation's attic, also know as the Smithsonians.
Added 11/21/15.


Grand Teton National Park
Mountain view of the Teton Range.

Added 06/11/04.


Yellowstone National Park
An amazing geographical specimen.
Added 06/09/04.


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