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TransAmerica 2016

Trans America Part I: the West
The first installment of a 7822-mile coast-to-coast round trip.
Added 06/18/17


Trans America Part II: the Rocky and the Central
The journey continues.
Added 08/23/17

Trans America Part III: the South01
The world's longest cave and the most popular National Park.
Added 10/11/17


Trans America Part IV: the South02
The Atlantic Coast and the Deep South.
Added 01 /01/18

Trans America Part V: Texas
The world's longest cave and the most popular National Park.
Added 07/21/18


Trans America Part VI: back to the West
The world's longest cave and the most popular National Park.
Added 09/03/18


Denali National Park
Features the highest peak in North America and wildlife.
Added 06/27/05 .


Kenai Peninsula and Kenai Fjord National Park
Flocks of seabirds. glacier hike.
Added 07/03/05 .

The Alaskan Marine Highway
The Alaskan ferry system. Sea kayaking to glacier!

Added 07/03/05 .


Mountains and Wrangell-St. Elias Mountain National Park
A new perspective on the term "in the middle of nowhere."
Added 07/03/05 .


Grand Canyon
A beautiful sunny winter day turned into a snow storm, within 24hrs. Added 01/15/05 .


CA-1 and Channel Islands National Park
Along and off the Pacific Coast .
Added 04/08/07 .


Deserts - Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Park
A couple of interesting places in the the desert area.
Added 01/06/05 .

Death Valley National Park 2010
Viewing the dreadful Death Valley in a new light.
Added 05/23/12 .


The Golden Coast
The mythical California coast, from the Bay Area to San Diego.
Added 11/26/16.

Los Angeles Area
The tinsle town.
Last updated 12/04/04.


Monterey Bay Area I
World famous aquarium. The Ocean's Edge collection.
Added 02/22/09.

Monterey Bay Area II
Deep Ocean, meet the world's only Great white Shark in captivity!
Added 02/22/09.


Northern California and Redwood National Park
By Northern California I mean north of the bay area.
Updated 04/25/09.

Redwood National Empire and North Coast
Drive-through tree. North Coast is a hidden gem.
Added 09/24/19.



San Diego
World famous zoo and wild animal park, and more.
Updated 07/07/04.


San Francisco Bay Area
My home! The greatest place to live...if you can afford it.

Updated 04/12/09.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park
The biggest tree, no, the biggest living thing, in the whole world!
Added 04/19/07.


Yosemite National Park
Breath-taking mountain scenes. Moonbow (rainbow of the moon)
Added 04/01/07.


Everglades National Park
Home of Alligators and water fowls.
Added 01/09/06.


Florida Keys
A series of islands extended from the tip of Florida peninsula.
Added 01/09/06.

Mexico Bay and Big Cypress
The southwest tip of Florida. Small islands and endless swamps.
 Added 01/09/06.


Miami and Biscayne
Another tinsel town... but this one is closer to nature
Added 01/09/06.


The usual natural beauty, and a few historic and cultural diversions.
Added 02/28/13.


Maui I - around the island
A massive active volcanoes and a scenic drive through the rain forest.
Added 10/28/08.

Maui II - under the water
Colorful reefs, swim with 600 species of shorefishes.
Added 11/22/08.


Big Island - live volcano!
See a river of lava met the Pacific.
Added 03/16/19.




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