Baby Yichi, into year 2

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Two Years Old! This shall be the last post for Yichi. It's not that our little boy stopped being interesting, but this page is not intended to be a trifling monthly account of his life or a biography. It's simply meant to document a short period of exciting, hurry-scurry, life-changing adventure for the whole family, and now it's the right time to pause, eventhough the story moves on.

Children... what curious creatures they are! They crashed into your life, with no consideration, no manner, no shame, no reason, no senses; they are greedy, rude, mean, vain, and they demand instant gratification of their every desire and passing whim -- not unlike some little beasts. Yet how sweet, adorable, and how powerful these little beasts are... they changed your life tempo, your family dynamics, your social life, your values, your world view, and every little habit of yours... and they are wonderful!

And it's our job to turn these little beast into little human in the years to come.

Now back to the story, Yichi spent his 2nd birthday in China. How about celebrating the birth day with giant pandas? All the new fun in a foreign land is just overwhelming.

And there are consins and new friends of same age to mingle with every day. In China, the population density is at a whole different level. Yichi will never have problem finding playmates.


23 Months. It's a hot hot day, with some investigation and effort Yichi managed to squeeze some water out of a tap... and thoughtfully water the garden. Yeah I know, our little boy doesn't always just raise havoc as we've been advertising -- he can certainly be very helpful at times.

Another typical day: kicking, imitating, wrestling with the giant bear, and at last, packing himself for a long long trip -- stay tune, coming next month.


22 Months. Here's another new discovery: if you nip a piece of plastic foam into fine pieces, these small flakes will stick all over the carpet, clouting, and everybody's hair. Daddy will explain that they're so sticky because of static charge, but that's hardly the point... The whole purpose of the exercise is to enjoy watching grandma spend hours to clean up the mess...

Yichi in a zoo. This time he was able to name most of the animals, and had the nerve to mingle with these lovely goats. Considerable improvement compare to their first encounter a couple months ago, when Yichi was simply intimidated by the sheer size and strength of the beast and fled, crying on the way.

Yichi in the city and the park. Always at his liveliest outdoor.


21 Months. New sport. Viewing the world up-side-down from between the legs, it's surely a new perspective. And you see, my teeth are strong enough to lever a chopstick! The last 2 pix, World Cup special.

Yichi in the Gilroy Garden. Yeah it was fun all right, but Yichi seemed a bit too young to fully appreciate the charm of an amusement park. Besides, waiting in line for 10 minutes for each ride was really testing his patience. Well, no matter, we'll be back.

May Yichi's childhood always be this joyful and worry-free.


20 Months. Look, daddy, mommy and grandma's little helper!

Or... is he really?

Well honestly, he is quite helpful when he occasionally becomes quiet and serene, which gives daddy and mommy a few precious minutes of peace of mind.

But of course, most of the time he just dances his days away.


19 Months. Can you believe that Yichi's favorite sport today is lawn mowing? It'll be nice if he can keep it up till he's old enough to push the mower by himself. But of course, like many of his hobbies -- casting his football into a bowl of noodle soup, popping bubbles in a bubble wrapper, spreading clothing all over the house from the laundry basket, digging up all sorts of peculiar items from the ground... this won't last for more than a few days.

One more new stimulation: sitting in cars and fondling with all kinds of buttons. See the cut on the nose? Another hard fell on the floor.


18 Months. Become extremely vocal now, and has been building an impressive vocabulary, although still hasn't got enough teeth to pronounce every consonant accurately. But gosh, little boys just have the sweetest voice in the world (little girls', I'm a bit surprised to find, is usually a bit low and harsh). Try to imitates everything grown-ups do with that incredibly adorable clumsiness, from to lawn mowing to flossing to grimacing, until you laugh so hard that you break into tears.

Constantly raiding every room and the yards with such formidable energy and enthusiasm, as if he can bring down the whole house in the next minute (well, god knows, maybe someday he will). Loves the outdoor.


17 Months. Chinese New Year and the spring festival. Oh that splendid blooming field of mustard flowers...

Where's the second best place on earth? Toys "R" Us! (The best place, with no doubt, is home, sweet home) Here the playground is large and the racetrack long; riveting toys everywhere -- and don't worry about breaking them, they're not mine. Look, there was this huge table with of railroad track and toy trains I can crash, on which I can always spend hours.


16 Months. "Hello hello, when are you coming home mom?" Growing up with cellphone, Wi-Fi, Nintendo Wii, and all kinds of remote controls, making wonderful things happen by merely flicking a finger from a distance - these are things I could only dream of when I was little. What must had been to me a God-like feeling is casually taken for granted by our little Yichi. What a different world we're in today...

But the fun of childhood, which always includes playing with food, soiling all the furniture, spreading scratches and crayon marks on all reachable surfaces, and on top of all, reaching for the highest possible velocity and acceleration a little child can bear, must be all the same.


15 Months. The first ever painting by our future artist. From his unconstrained composition and bold strokes one can clearly see the influence of abstract expressionism in the postmodern movement. The painting, tentatively named "Blue Dream No.1: Pedestrian on a Flying Spaghetti Junction Struck by a Purple Thunderbolt," could have been a paradigm of contemporary art if it wasn't hastily erased by grandma.

Finally got to spend lots of time with mom and dad in holiday.


14 Months. With the ability of toddling came the hazard of tumbling and bruising. The first medal of honor, a small but deep cut in the forehead when fell over a sharp stone chip in the front yard.

But the cut apparently never had even a slight bit of intimidating effect, Yichi never cease raising havoc all over the front and back yards.

For the rest of the time he enjoys playing the "I'm the Boss" game.

Posing, have fun with mommy and daddy.


First Month of Year 2. Halloween special.


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