Portland Area and the Oregon Coast, OR

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Portland. Feel like another medium size city we passed by. But I have to admit I didn't stay there long enough to read it thoroughly... see it's not bad-looking at all.


Historic Columbia River Scenic Highway. East of Portland. The so-called "King of Road" is said to be the most beautiful highway in the US. I certainly don't have any objection. Just at the every beginning I was stunned by the view of the Columbia River Gorge at the Chanticleer point and the Crown Point Vista House.

Along the way are all green, decorated by many creeks and water falls. The first one is the Latourell Fall. A thin belt of white water hangs from a steep, then crush into a little white pool. This one is my favorite.

As we move on, still more green and more water falls. At the end, we met the most famous and most spectacular one, the Multnomah Fall. It was divided into two sections: a 543 ft upper fall and a 69 ft lower fall.


Oregon Coastline. Famous scenic drive. Cruising south from highway 101, along the way is the Pacific Ocean on the west. We began our cruise from Lincoln City at noon. The ocean and sky is the same color, and the scene is decorated by white ocean waves, dark rocks, and Oregon-trademarked green.

The Yaquina Head Lighthouse. A beautiful light house in a postcard-like setting. Built in 1873, the Yaquina Head Lighthouse is a classic example of towers of its age. Around it is a natural reservation for sea birds and sea lions.

The Heceta Lighthouse (1894) and the Sea Lion's Cave.

Other snapshots. The little red light house that built on a house is the Yaquina Bay Light House (1871). In the last two pictures are the Umpqua River Light House (1894).



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