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Qing's Origami. All these lovely animals folded from one sheet of uncut, square paper. Many of these designs are from Robert Lang, who is known for designing origami model by mathematical programming. Qing has a Chinese Post about her works in the Forum.

Flowers, again folded from one piece of paper, except for the flower basket, in which each leaf and flower is folded individually. The first a few pix are probably the most famous design in origami world, the Kawasaki Rose by Toshikazu Kawasaki, a Japanese mathematic professor.


Pix of the Sun and the Moon we took with a telescope. Note the black spots on the lower left surface of the Sun.


Some pix Sonny took a long time ago when he first bought the Sony DSC-F828 for passing his qualifying exam. He call it the "color of the fall."


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