Yosemite National Park, CA

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Winter 2004. The establishment of Yosemite National Park in 1890 owed much to the effort of the famous naturalist John Muir. Located in the Sierra Nevada, the park is known for its high concentration of water falls and beautiful mountain and valleys scenery. Although most of the Yosemite National Park is closed during winter, we were still glad to enjoy the quietness and beauty of the Yosemite Valley without the crowd of tourists. Another up side, the visibility in a sunny winter day was excellent. The U-shape valley is carved out by glacier millions of years ago. Very amazing force isn't it, cutting a huge piece of granite in half and leaving just the Half Dome (1st pic). Yosemite is designated to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984.

Yosemite is known for its fascinating collection of waterfalls. Two of the most famous ones are the Bridal's Veil (the first two) and the Yosemite Fall, which is consist of a upper (next two, with a rainbow in the middle!) and a smaller lower fall . Still plenty of water in winter, amazing eh?

Other beautiful water-snow-mountain sceneries:


Summer 2005. We're back to the park the next summer. Again in the Yosemite valley, now it's exuberant and there're certainly more water around.

In the summer is we can drive around the entire park. The rocky Tioga Pass is beautiful. It'll be even more enticing if you're into rock climbing (3rd pic). The last pic was taken from the Tunnel View, a perfect window created by glacial movement.

More water as we moving along.

The first 2 pix were take underneath the Bridal Veil (not very misty at the summer); the next 2 at the Mono Lake.

If you're interested in getting wet, the Misty Trial surely won't disappoint. When you pass by the thunderous Nevada Fall, a thorough shower is guaranteed.

Some random shots at the smaller things.


Spring 06. We're back here again in Spring 2006, this time we camped at night, just to capture the rare Moonbow - rainbow created by moon light. It's not easy really, all conditions have to be just right - full moon, clear sky, plenty of water, and of course, a good spots. It was cloudy the night we camped, the 3rd pic is what we got, and the 4th was taken at daytime for comparison. Neat eh? But an experienced photographer told us that it would be much more colorful in a good clear sky, so we might try again in the future.

High up in the Glacier Point, looking around and downward. We could even see out camp ground down there (last pic).


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