Grand Canyon, AZ

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Driving on the Colorado Plateau, the slightly hilly entrance of Grand Canyon National Park was not very impressive, until all a sudden, we reached the edge of the canyon, greeted by the breath-taking view of a huge cut deep into the surface of the earth. Standing on the edge, one has to appreciate the craftsmanship of nature. How did the Colorado River carve open this mile-deep, some 18-mile-wide, and 277-mile-long gorge is still not very clear to geologists, although they generally agree it happened within the last 5 million years or so.

In winter, only the south rim of the canyon is opened; however, one can enjoy the best visibility of the year, without present of of haze and pollen. The better viewpoints are on the west side, such as Yaki Point, Manther Point, and Yavapai Point. I don't think pictures can present the grandeur; nonetheless, here they are (Btw, driving a convertible in a winter day with the top opened is actually a very bad idea).


Zoom in and look into some finer features.


A few crows hovering in the canyon, only adds to the feeling of emptiness and desolation.


Icy! After a snow storm.


Hermit's Rest Trail. Went down into the canyon to get a different perspective. The lower the altitude, the warmer it gets. Unfortunately didn't reach the end due to an injury.


East side of the the south rim. Some of the better spots are the Grandview Point and the Lipan point.


Winter days in Grand Canyon are not all that nice. One of the days we stay, we were hit by a snow storm. What a difference! All beautiful ranges dissolved into the milky mixture of snow, rain, and hail. A remote thread of sun shine looked like a miracle. Just as its look, the storm is not friendly at all. The ingredient of the snow, rain, and hail mixture must be well-calculated, since it hit us very hard and penetrated our clothes in the most efficient way. On our way back, we saw some SUV went belly up on the icy Highway 180. What a day!


Around the Park. Some nice snow mountain near Snowbowl, a ski resort. And an old Cadillac on Flagstaff.



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