China. Where we're from. A huge country that's gone wild under market economy... but there's still many places worth

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Bei Jing.
The Capital. Thick precipitation of milleniums of civilization, and dirts from recent sand storms (due to serious desertification).

Fu Jian.
A suprisingly green province on southeast shore. It's so rare for it to stay untouched in the manic waves of industrialization.
Fu Jian 2010

FuJian 2010
Quan Zhou, once the largest harbour in the Orient; Xia Men, one of the most livable city in China.

Hong Kong 2011
The Pearl of the Orient, the capital of skyscrapers, with the highest population density in the world. Added 07/28/12.

Taiwan I
Shang Hai
The largest city in China. Carries the heavy billboard of Chinese economic growth.
Taiwan I - the city of Taipei
A lonely island hanging outside of the mainland. Is it part of China... or is it not... Part I: the largest city Taipe. Updated 08/11/09.
Taiwan II
Taiwan III
Taiwan II - Northern Taiwan
North end of the island. Seafood! Updated 08/11/09.
Taiwan III - Central and Southern Taiwan
The more conservative part of the island. Updated 08/16/09.
Taiwan 2016 Part I .
Northen mountain, coast, and Hakka old towns. Added 3/11/17.
Taiwan 2016 Part II.
Lukang and Changhua; exploring nature. Added 3/11/17.
Yu Nan
Yun Nan.
A beautiful southwest province on highland.

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