Australia - the land down under

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New South Wales
Sydney I
The most beautiful harbour in the world.
Added 06/16/08.
Sydney II
Peculiar wildlife of a lonely continent.
Added 07/08/08.
Northern Territory
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
A huge, lonely red rock in the middle of the desert, right in the middle of this huge, loney continent.
Added 04/02/08.
The world's oldest tropical forrest and the world's largest, most colorful coral reef, separated only a thin strip of beach.

Daintree Forest I
Entering the rain forest: hot and humid, and not always tourist-friendly.
Added 04/11/08.


Daintree Forest II
Every inch of the forest is thriving with life.
Added 05/07/08.


The Great Barrier Reef
The largest coral reef in the world. The fantacy land for divers and snorkelers.
Added 05/11/08.


South Australia
South Australia Coast
Beautifu coastline full of hidden treasures.
Added 07/19/08.
Kangaroo Island I
Big island of excitment -- warm beaches, dark underground caves, wildlife, and occasional huge bushfires that swept 1/5 of the island.
Added 07/26/08.
Kangaroo Island II
What's in the Kangaroo Island? Kangaroos... and many other wildlife.
Added 08/05/08.









Victoria I -- Melbourne and Otway Rainforest
Second largest city in Australia and its nearby temperate rainforest.
Added 08/14/08.
Victoria II -- the Great Ocean Road
World-famous scenic drive along the Shipwreck coast.
Added 08/20/08.

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