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This is the Victoria Fall Bridge, a railway bridge spans the exit of the Victoria Fall. The bridge also connects Zambia and Zimbabwe.

A view of the fall near and on the bridge. Underneath the bridge the restless Boiling Pot.

Check out the rough water underneath, how does a bungie jump off the bridge sound like? It'll probably take all the worry out of your mind for at least 3 seconds. In case you wonder, no, I didn't do it. Maybe wait till I have my mid-life crisis :)

The Zimbanzi river gorge after the fall. It must be very exciting cruising against such rough water, like these guys are doing.

Crossed the bridge, we stepped into Zimbabwe, a country currently (July 2006, that is) in political and economical turmoil. To make the story short, the president (R. Mugabe) redistributed all the profitable tobacco land (a major income source) from white farmers to the African, without compensation. The inexperienced African farmers...eh, sort of screwed things up. Before long the whole economic screwed up. Huge inflation. You see, in 2001 the exchange rate was $1US for 55 Zimbabwe dollar, now with $20US I got a pile of 6,000,000! How does it feel to be a millionaire? I'm not sure, because we held that pile of money for only 2 short hours. It turned out our lunch (Chinese, 3 dishes and 1 soup) bill was 7,500,000. Damn!


Zambia has the longer portion of the Victoria Fall. In fairy tales, rainbows are bridges connecting the world to heaven, but in the last 2 pix I'm not sure which end Qing was at.

There's a trial along the fall, similar to the Zamia side.

At the end of the misty trial, we can watch the Knife Edge Point at the Zambia side.

Near the end of the fall. The Zimbanzi river.


Wildlife. Yellow Race Savanna Baboon (Papio cynocephalus). I think they're more civilized than their Olive race brother we met in East Africa. Last pix a a pair of Vervet Monkey.

Colorful Red-collared Barbet (B. Armillaris, 3 pix); a group of Red-winged Starling (Onychognathus morio, last 3 pix).

This cute little blue is a Cordon Bleu (Uraeginthus bengalus, 3 pix); the white one is a Prinia (last 2 pix).

This delicious-looking fruit is called Wild Cucumber. Favorite food for birds.

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