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Lake Manyara
A huge lake surrounded by exuberant vegetation. Rich in wildlife but often overlooked. Added 09/23/06.
Ngorongoro I
The largest unbroken volcanic caldera in the world; home of some 25,000 large animals. Added 10/30/06.

Ngorongoro II
More wildlife in this gorgeous crater lake and the colorful ethnic Maasai residence. Added 11/07/06

Serengeti I
We've been dreaming of visiting here ever since we watched The Lion King. That great endless savanna...
Added 10/15/06

Serengeti II
In National Geographic's "50 Places of a lifetime," Serengeti was placed on top of the "Wild Places" category, to say the least.
Added 10/15/06
A relatively small but dense national park decorated by the bulky Baobad trees. Added 11/18/06


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