Interesting sites:

419zero. A very funny collection of scam letters from Africa and people's response to these con-artists just for fun. Things like "we have billions of dollar from a dead president need to be transferred to a US account..."

American's Library from the Library of Congress. A good place to learn about the Unite States.

Biblomania. A library of classic fictions, drama, poetry, religious texts and more.

Concept Cars and Prototypes. Lots of rare models.

Court TV's Crime Library. If you like Silence of the Lamb and The God Father, you'll probably find the crime stories of psychos and crime bosses here very thrilling. Digital camera review and news; digital photography review.

The Digital Library Project, UC Berkeley. Wonderful collection of photos. Lots of free software.

Dreamweaver Intro. A nice introduction by Berkeley School of Journalism.

Emilio Segre Visual Archives. With lots of precious images of science history.

Encyclopedia of Life. An attempt to digitize all species of organism in a website.

The history Channel. The name speaks for itself.

JCII Camera Museum. Japanese make the best cameras, find out why in here.

National Parks Services. Great for traveling in the US. Science and technology news. A site about urban legends floating around. Find out if they are true or not.

Tom's Hardware Guide. A good reference site for latest computer hardware and electronic gizmo. To find good deals on them, try deal new sites like Techbargain.


U-tube. Brocast yourself.

Wikipedia. Free on-line multi-language encyclopedia


Chinese sites:

Confucius2000. A Chinese philosophy and history site.

The unknown Space. MIT BBS, a on-line community of oversea Chinese.

Xin Yu Si. A site dedicated to science, truth, and more.

ccthere, a miscellaneous site.

Wen Xue City. Miscellaneous site for news, life and gossips.

Qing Yun. A literature site.

Cartoon Window A Chinese comic site.

Lian He Zao Bao. Singapore-based newspaper.

Popyard. News site.

Sina. A PR China-based portal site.

SoHu. Another PR China-based portal site.

Chinese Google.


Research Tools:

Forum of physical properties of semiconductors from NSM. You can find many physical parameters of semiconductors here.

Periodic Table on the web. A very detail website on all elements and their compounds.

American Institute of Physics.

American Physics Society.

MRS. Material Research Society

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, (used to be) our lab.

Scitation. On line collection of scientific articles and their citation record

University of California, Berkeley, where we received our Ph.Ds. Sonny spent a lifetime there (from undergrad).

UC Berkeley Microlab. Information on semiconductor processing.

Tsing Hua University. Qing's undergraduate school. Allegedly the best in China.

Works of Charles Darwin. Collection of Charles Darwin's writing on the web.

Google. Can't live without it nowadays.


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