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I. Traveling

The continent of large mammals and birds; the birth place of human...


Probably the most developed country in east Africa. Lake Nakuru with millions of flamingos is just unforgettable. Added 12/11/06

We love this country! Serengeti is a place that you have to visit at least once in your lifetime. Added 11/18/06.

The grandeur of the largest waterfall in the world and excitement of a walking safari. Just 2 meters away from a monstrous white rhino! Added 12/20/06.

A country in political and economical turmoil, but they got the longer portion of the Victoria Fall. Added 12/27/06.

The Americas
The so-called New World for its short presence in Western account. But it's got a long history too...


The United States 1 (A - H).
Our home. Been to 32 states and 33 National Parks, and counting.

The United States 2 (I - W).
This is the greatest country in the world...for travelers.
Rich in archaeology sites, the Caribbean, and great food.

The mysterious orient...


Where we're from. A huge country that's gone wild under market economy... but there're still many things worth traveling for.


A neat and very tourist-friendly country, despite of the high population density.

Elegance and refinement come with long history and cultural precipitation...


The United Kingdom.
We celebrated Her Majesty's 80th birthday. Long live the Queen.

Lonely, in the boundless Pacific Ocean...


The land down under.

II. Nature
My collections of wild flowers and wild animals pictures.


California wild flowers.
Spring 05 is a splendid season for wild flowers watching.
California wildlife I - birds.
Amazing birdlife, especially in the SF Bay Area.
California wildlife II.
Everything else except birds.

III. Others

Have Fun
Some of the fun stuffs we do.
A new member of the gang (2008)!
Another baby crashed the party (2012)!

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